Anonymous: I listened to Warm Thoughts on the bus to my first day of uni and it made everything suck a little bit less, so I think the new name is really fitting. Do you have any book recommendations?

Im very very glad to hear that. I just finished “Kafka On The Shore” by Haruki Murakami and it’s a very enjoyable crazy ride. highly recommend. Before that, I read “The Sportswriter” by Richard Ford which is pretty dark and a quite a bit of a bummer of a book but I was in the mood for it and it hit the spot.

Anonymous: What is the bass tuned to, when you play songs in FACGCE?

Standard, I don’t fux with wild bass tuning

In Manhattan for a couple hours. Playing a show in Time Square, this place is too crazy for me

Anonymous: Hey Elliot! Freakin' love Warm Thoughts (favorite band), but it doesent fit well when I play Diablo 3, which is all the time currently... What to do?

Yeah, I probably wouldn’t suggest WT as the optimal soundtrack to summoning monsters and harvesting souls. I was heavily into Warcraft 3 when I was 13 and would usually jam Dead Kennedys “fresh fruit for rotting vegetables” and Rancid’s “And Out Come The Wolves”

Anonymous: What's the most fun Tigers Jaw song to play on drums? "Frame You" and "Between.." seem really fun.

That’s a hard question. I had a blast with all of them, but stand outs for me are “Cool” and “I Was Never Your Boyfriend”