Anonymous: I recently got out of a three-year relationship and I'm wondering, what is your best advice for someone struggling with a broken heart? Focusing on myself and trying to be a better person, but it's so damn hard when I'm sad simultaneously.

As someone who’s longest relationship of all time is a whopping 8 MONTHS, I can really only imagine the amount of pain you’re coping with. I was pretty obliterated for long time after the dissolve of my 8 month relationship. The thing that really helped was implementing a strict schedule of when to do things (go for a walk, exercise, read, be social) so that there isn’t time to get hung up on how incomplete you feel. Just remember you are your own self-sufficient person and it will take a while to get back to feeling that way, but the hurt will pass. 

Anonymous: Any advice to a young drummer currently writing and recording with his first band? Do's and dont's?

DO have fun

DO learn from the stressful but overall incredibly rewarding experience of recording

DONT get stressed about by metronomes and messing up takes. We’re all human and that stuff takes a while to get used to.

DONT view writing and recording as a means to an end (as something to make you famous or take you places) but instead as a cathartic artistic experience that fulfills some part of you that you just cant do otherwise in life.


Anonymous: How many songs will be on the 7"? Please and thank you for making great music.

2 songs! One original (its a long one and maybe my favorite thus far) and a cover. Im very stoked on how its coming out so far.

I REALLY wanted a photo of me throwing a shaka while plowing through the platform 9 and 3/4s wall, but there was an HOUR wait for a photo, so here’s a photo of someone else.
Kings Cross Station, London