Played with The Lawrence Arms and Rise Against in their hometown of Chicago tonight and it was special. (at Aragon Ballroom)

Anonymous: What kind of gear do you use in your recording setup? Interested in knowing what you use to get the sound that you get.

my recording gear has been steadily evolving as time has gone on and as my knowledge of recording techniques and equipment have grown. Im currently running Logic 9 with a Focusrite Pro 40 Interface, ART Pro MPA II Tube Pre Amp, and a Golden Age Project Pre-73 MKII Pre amp. For mics, I’ve been using SM 57s for guitars/snare/toms, a Beta 52A for floor tom/kick low end situations, Heil PR 40 for kick drum/bass cab, SM7B for vocals, a pair of MXL 603 small diaphragm condensers for drum overheads, and a Sound Projects B1 Condenser for vocals/other stuff where large diaphragm condensers seem to do the trick. I have JBL LSR305 Monitors. 

If there is anything I’ve learned about recording in the past five years, its that its less about the equipment you have and more about being able to properly employ EQ/compression/reverb/delay/ideal phase relationships to make things sound nice.

"these times werent made for you" I recorded using a couple SM57s, a beta 52a, an AT2020 large condenser, and not a whole lot of recording knowledge, I’m a big fan of double tracking vocals and plate reverbs for vocals as I think they result in a flattering and full vocal sound. 

I’ve become super interested in recording and what it is that makes things sound “good”, it seems like its everyones eternal quest. I’m hoping to open a recording studio soon.

Anonymous: Hey Elliot, short appreciation/fanboy post: Just wanted to let you know that you are the most spot-on drummer I've ever heard. What you do in TA is seriously outstanding and original, never too simple nor too complex/too much, just what the song needs every time. It's truly an inspiration! Also, what other drummers are your biggest influences? I'd love to hear those and see if I can hear the influence in one way or another, would be fun. Thank you!

Much appreciated!!

I have quite a long list of drummers who have been influential for me. Jensen from Iron Lung never ever ceases to amaze me. JUST LISTEN TO THIS SHITTTTTTTT

Anonymous: What's your guitar gear?

I like to change set ups often to keep things feelin fresh but Currently:
Fender Cyclone
Roland JC 120
RAT Pedal Holy Grail Pedal

Anonymous: do you like studio ghibli films?

Im very ashamed to say that I’ve never seen a single one of them. It’s been on my to do list for a very long time as many people who’s opinions I hold in high esteem really dig em

Anonymous: What happened to Koalacaust? If you ever got back together that would be the happiest day of my life. I love everything Koalacaust ever put out.

Koalacaust was an incredibly enjoyable four years of my life. It was making music for the sake of making music and playing shows for the sake of getting rowdy and that was it. some of us wanted to tour and play music full time and some of us wanted to pursue academia full time and that sorta led to the dissolving of the ‘caust. I also took a leave of absence during the last year because I joined TA and that was becoming my main endeavor. Joe (vocals) is still one of my best friends and we hang out all the time. Hes working on a new band that will be playing shows within the next year. Austin (guitar/wrote most of the music) does Wild Moth now. We are still very close friends. Tyler (bass) is applying for a PHD soon. Gian (guitar) and Gio (drums) both play music in a band called Void Boys. A reunion is unlikely, as that band was a time (end of high school segwaying into college) and a place and my accordion is hella out of tune. 


Anonymous: Does a sanding sealer need to be applied, or can you just spray nitro directly onto wood? I'm asking because of you refinishing you did to that cyclone.

after sanding down the body I put on two coats of primer before applying the nitro. happy refinishin’

Anonymous: Saw pictures of that vintage Tama set that you stripped the wrap off of and refinished. Looks so awesome. You've got me thinking about doing it to an old set of mine, any tips on how to go about doing so? Does it tamper with the tone at all?

I highly recommend doing it to an older cheaper kit that has an unsighly wrap on it. I heated the wrap up with a blow drier and then it just magically unwrapped. The most time consuming thing about the whole process is taking off and putting back on every piece of hardware and lug. A power drill will greatly expedite the process. Once stripped, I gently sanded the shells and put on a couple coats of clear varnish (I dont recall what brand/type) check with your hardware store. I feel like if anything, stripping the loosely glued wrap off would improve the tone and make the drums a little more lively. best of luck!