Off to Japan and South Korea tomorrow. Will be back in Los Angeles in one week for 19 hours before getting back on an airplane to fly to Florida for one day of THE FEST and then it’s back to LA again where I will go into sleep hibernation for the foreseeable future. では、また。




I’m not usually one to complain about views, but if you haven’t watched this you really are missing out. This is one of my favorite videos I’ve made. 

Anonymous: Does WT have the same lineup as DPs last show at bridgetown ? Or new members?

Two of the dudes who made up the DP line up at Bridgetown have since moved to the SF/Oakland bay area and one is pretty busy with work stuff at the moment.

WT as of now (but will probably be expanding soon) is:

Clayton Stevens (plays guitar in Touche Amore) will be playing bass

Ivan Diaz (played drums in They as in them) will be playing drums

gonna try the three piece configuration for a little while until we start playing next record stuff which will probably have three keyboard parts, auxiliary percussion, five part harmonies, inuit throat singing, and string sections 

yrfavplace: I am currently about to start recording for a musical project all by myself. I was wondering if you could give some advice on being one man and recording every part. I'm not even sure where to begin!

I applaud you for taking on the one person thing. To be completely honest, at the end of the recording and mixing process of this most recent 7” I did, I pretty much made an agreement with myself that it would be the last thing I released that was a one person write/record all instruments/mix thing. All subjectivity goes RIGHT OUT THE WINDOW when its just you, your brain that casts constant judgement, and your ears that relay a different message than they did fifteen minutes prior.

Some things that help:

1. dont listen back to your mixes at a volume of over 83 db (there are apps to measure the level at your listening position). Over this volume and your ears start making shit up.

2. Take breaks often.

3. Remind yourself that other people will hear these recordings in an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT context than you and probably wont pick up on minor things that sound like flaws to you. 

4. Listen to your mixes on lots of different systems (crappy computer speakers, car speakers etc.)

5. Set a deadline of when you will wrap up your project otherwise you will spend months and months re-recording the same final chorus of your song insisting that it doesn’t sound “big” enough. 



Anonymous: Ever have days when you're just not feelin yourself? If so do you have any advice for dealing with this?

you bet. leave your dwelling and go ride a bike, run, jump rope, surf, boogie board, skip, do lunges, or drive with your head out the window. These things seem to do a thorough job of getting your brain to chill out

Anonymous: If you don't mind being asked id like to know a little more about the song your hair cut man. What's the inspiration for that song? And I heard lyrics were changed because of people not taking it seriously.

Its a partially fictional partially semi biographical love song involving a identity crisis and uncertainty. My goal is to alter the lyrics of it in every recorded version based on context.

Anonymous: How to deal with rejection, please help?

I don’t have the wisdom on this one. I’m definitely in the middle of “texted a girl like three days ago and never got a response” situation. It wasn’t supposed to be? there are other fish in the sea?